The Blackdown Hills, Somerset and Devon

The Blackdown Hills lie largely on the Somerset/Devon border and have been protected as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty since 1991. If you get the chance, go and explore this beautiful landscape of steep ridges, high windswept plateaus, deep valleys dotted with woodland, and miles and miles of glorious lush green pastures. Pootle about the network of narrow lanes and find yourself a cosy village inn to stop by for lunch or a pint of the local brew; follow a footpath or bridleway and take the time to look around – you’ll be rewarded with some of the most breathtaking scenery, all waiting to be discovered on foot, bicycle or horseback. Walk around the Herepath Trail at Staple Hill, or the tranquil Otterhead Lakes and then head for The Candlelight at Bishopswood, the Holman Clavel at Culmhead, or The Greyhound at Staple Fitzpaine for refreshments.

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