Self Catering Spa Breaks In The UK

It’s not always easy finding the perfect place to stay for self catering spa breaks in the UK, but we have some corkers for you, stunning holiday houses where you’re in the lap of luxury, with hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms, indoor pools – and it’s all yours for the whole of your stay! What’s more, take advantage of our 6 Guest Special offer and you get it all for great prices!

That’s the big advantage of our self catering spa breaks in the UK, it means you don’t have to share anything with anyone you don’t know. No strangers in the sauna, no unfamiliar faces in the pool, no passing people you’ve never seen before on your way to the hot tub. All yours and yours only for every single minute of your stay. Now that, to us, shouts U-N-W-I-N-D loud and clear.

And let’s face it, we could all do with a little (or a lot) of unwinding right now; maybe a week, or just a few days, tucked away in a little world of your own where you can forget what a mad place the world is. Whether you escape with family or friends this is one amazing way to take 5. Climb into the hot tub, sit back in the sensuous bubbly warmth and well, it’s quite simple, all you have to do is relax; have a good old chinwag, put the world to rights, catch up on the goss, just talk nonsense. Let those endorphins loose.

Same in the sauna. Let the steam do its good work whilst you natter, you’ll step out feeling like a brand new you, cleansed inside and out! Swim a few lengths before breakfast, take a late night dip, laze about on loungers at the poolside all afternoon; pad off to the kitchen to tuck into wholesome local food delivered by Dart Fresh. Yes, yes, okay, a cheeky G&T won’t hurt!

We’ve got quite a choice of gorgeous houses and cottages for self catering spa breaks in the UK, depending on what facilities you’re after. If a hot tub suits you just fine then, wow, you’re in for a treat! We’ve got properties in Devon, Somerset and Wiltshire where you can have a good soak looking out over the hills and fields, watching the fluffy cottonwool clouds drift by. Ooh, and just imagine what it’ll be like at night! Dark velvety skies studded with stars, or, oh, can you imagine – being out there in the moonlight! Oh how dreamy! How lovely! That’s something to savour for sure.

If you have a good look you’ll see that several of our luxury holiday houses have private pools, hot tubs and saunas, so you can really pamper yourselves. Check out Wayside, Shires, and Culmbridge House in Devon, or in Somerset we have The Cottage Beyond, Beaverbrook 20, Walnut Arbour, Ham Bottom, Fuzzy Orchard, Otterhead House, Pound Farm and Croftview. On a quiet lane in Lyndhurst in the heart of the New Forest there’s Ortus House, and in Monmouthshire with an unbeatable location on the banks of the River Wye we have a beautiful Italianette villa, The Benches. Check ‘em out, see when they’re free, come and spoil yourselves.

And don’t forget, we have our 6 Guest Special running at the moment, which means you can have all these awesome features even if there’s 6 or less of you – and that’s something of a rarity; it’s not very often you find self catering holiday houses that sleep 6 with such sumptuous facilities, especially when you can have them all to yourselves. It’s quite simple how it works – you get absolutely everything along with enough bedrooms to sleep you all. If there’s 6 of you, there’ll be snooze space for 6, if there’s 8 of you you’ll have bedrooms for 8.

Something that has actually taken us by surprise is our short breaks for couples and we can see why because it doesn’t get much more romantic than being tucked away in a gorgeous cottage surrounded by spectacular countryside, and having a hot tub, sauna and even an indoor pool just for the two of you.  Again, you get everything including the master bedroom, at fantastic prices.

So don’t wait till next year, treat yourselves now, when you need it. Self catering spa breaks in the UK are a great way of treating yourselves and you know you’re so worth it ❤️

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