Dart Fresh Home Delivery, Exeter, Devon

If you'd like good quality fresh produce and groceries delivered to your Sleeps12 holiday home you can't go wrong with Dart Fresh. They've been going great guns since they set up as a family business in 1957 and now they supply a full range of fresh produce, meat, fish and dairy, plus dried and frozen goods to happy customers throughout the South West. Dart Fresh are so much more than a food box supplier - they do boxes of course, but the beauty of shopping with them is that you can choose exactly what you want.

As you'd expect there's a big focus on local food so they've built up solid relationships with growers and producers from the West Country, working with national suppliers to ensure year round stocks of certain goods. Fish is caught off the coast of Devon and Cornwall and the journey from the dock to your door is less than 30 hours; meat is from animals reared on Dartmoor and the surrounding areas, free range eggs are from Devon, freshly baked bread, rolls, cakes and pastries come in each morning from a bakery just down the road. 

What's great is that Dart Fresh can deliver a whole weekly shop to your door just as the supermarkets can, but isn't it so much better to support local businesses? Take a look at their user friendly website and you'll see what a fantastic range they have; there's fresh fruit and veg of course, dairy produce which includes clotted cream, yoghurt, butter and the most amazing cheeses, and charcutierie and meat where besides all the staples you'll find a few more unsual delights like Grouse & Wild Boar sausages, marinated Chilli & Lemon Partridge breast and Wild Game Burgers. Then there's the bakery section, and pantry goods which lists all sorts from flour, herbs and sauces to baked beans, dried pasta and olive oil. Honestly, you can get your household essentials, your pet food, your booze and everything, and get this, they even do something for the vegetarians, vegans and those on gluten free diets!

What you do is order online at www.dartfreshproduce.co.uk and then choose what day you want your shopping delivered. They do next day delivery Monday to Saturday so if you get your order in by 3.00pm it will arrive the next day. The service is excellent; chirpy, friendly and smiley, but what you must bear in mind is that these guys are country folk and we country folk like to get up bright and early, so they start delivering from 700am. To be fair, if they didn't start early they wouldn't get their work done, but anyhow, if it's a problem give them a call because they'll do what they can to help. There's no delivery charge on orders over £35, other than that it's just £5. Go on, give 'em a go! You won't be disappointed.

T: 01392 873036     

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