UK Holiday Homes with EV Charging

We’ve noticed that an increasing number of people are looking for UK holiday homes with EV charging and we’re pleased to say that several of our large group holiday houses now offer this facility. This means you can carry on enjoying your holiday whilst your car charges – without having to drive anywhere. Less hassle, more fun!

We felt it was important to be able to offer UK holidays with EV charging so over the past year or so we’ve been chatting to our property owners about offering this service on-site. Some installed electric vehicle charging points straightaway and more and more are in the process of doing so. Being able to charge your car at your luxury large group holiday home is so much more convenient than having to find out where the nearest charging point is and driving there to top up your battery. That can be a bit of a bother in rural areas where charging points are few and far between, and to some extent, it means missing out on the non-stop fun of your holiday.

UK holidays with EV charging mean that once you arrive at your self-catering accommodation you don’t have to go anywhere if you don’t want to. You can hunker down and enjoy every second with your nearest and dearest, splashing in the pool, soaking in the hot tub, having fun in the games room. Some properties have charging points that work via an App so you'll need to download this to your device prior to your holiday; others are fob operated and can be selected as a chargeable Extra after you've booked your holiday.

If the holiday house you like best doesn’t have on-site EV charging you can use the Zap Map to find the nearest charging points. These are usually located at a nearby village hall or garage so the best thing to do is to plan it so that your trip includes a country walk or a pub lunch; that way you get to see a bit of the local area too.

Please also see our guide to Electric Vehicle Charging and Holiday Accommodation for important information. Then get comfy, take a look at our big and beautiful holiday properties and book a stay today!

Holiday Homes with EV Charging