Electric Vehicle Charging and Holiday Accommodation

More and more guests are arriving at their Sleeps12 holiday house in electric vehicles, which they need to be able to charge during their stay. We’ve put together this information page to help you understand more about Electric Vehicle Charging and Holiday Accommodation.

Some of our properties have EV charging points installed. Some work via an App which you will need to download to your device, others are fob operated and will need to be selected as a chargeable extra on our website after you have made your booking.

Some of our properties have outdoor plugs specifically for electric vehicle charging. Due to safety and insurance purposes, guests must not use extension leads to charge their cars – it must be done using the EV charger direct to the outdoor plug socket.

Please also note that guests must not, under any circumstances, use charging cables or extension leads linking to the domestic power supply. This is because of regulations regarding wiring, earthing rods and voltage restrictions; if these are not adhered to there is a serious danger that the body of the vehicle could become live, as well as posing a fire risk to standard 13 amp sockets.

By booking a holiday with Sleeps12 all guests agree to these rules. If your chosen holiday house does not have EV charging points you can use this Zap Map to find local charging facilities.

Properties With EV Charging Points