Frome, Somerset

Buzzy and upbeat, Frome is the coolest town in Somerset, with a big community, brimming with interesting architecture and a plethora of quirky independent shops selling arty-crafty things, antiques and retro clothing. Hardly surprising then, that in 2021 it's been voted the Best place to live in the South West by the Sunday Times.

The steep and cobbled St. Catherine’s Hill is an eclectic hotspot for all things vintage, so if that's your thing head up there, and make sure you go to Cheap Street which has a similar vibe. The thing about Frome is that there's so much going on, it's almost like it's a separate country or something, a little island state where everyone's chipper; there's a Country Market and a Collector's & Flea Market every week and once a month, a Farmers Market where you can fill your baskets with all manner of tasty local produce. July sees it all happening in the streets with the annual ten day Frome Festival, and in September they have the Frome Cheese Show; both are major events in the town calendar and worth going to for the vibrant atmosphere alone, it's just so much fun! 

What Frome is very well known for is The Frome Independent Market, which happens on the first Sunday of the month from March to December. It's great! The whole town is alive with stalls lining the main street - local crafts,food and drink, all sorts! The entire main car park becomes a huge flea market, and there's street food giving you a big taste of world flavours. On top of this there's entetrtainment and live music, so it's akin to a mini festival with that wonderful lively ambience. MInd you, it doesn't half get busy, especially in the summer, so if you fancy nipping off somewhere quieter for some tucker, try  If you're after a bite to eat, try the Old Bath Arms, The kooky Three Swans, Diva’s Café, or The Settle Restaurant.

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