Chapmanslade, Warminster, Wiltshire

The sleepy village of Chapmanslade lies on the borderlands of Somerset and Wiltshire, roughly midway between Westbury and Frome. As with most villages, not a lot goes on but even so, there’s something rather nice about discovering places you’ve never heard of; to pull up and have a stroll about, looking at the cottages and grander houses, to pop your head in the church, and that. Round off your pokey round with a stop in The Three Horseshoes to enjoy a quiet pint, maybe a bite to eat if it’s food service time.

Because of its position on a ridge, the views from Chapmanslade seem to roll on and on whichever way you turn, and are a very good lure to get you out striding in the fresh air. Black Dog Woods are tempting, but before you venture forth, there’s an old story that goes like this:

A crossroads in the parish used to have the sinister name of Dead Maid’s; the legend goes that many moons ago two suitors in pursuit of the same girl had a duel to settle which of them would marry her. One of them, the owner of a black dog, was shot dead; the dog, ever faithfull to his master, attacked and killed the other man. The young girl found this all very distressing so she took her own life and was buried at the said crossroads.  The dog is said to haunt the woods, hence the name.

Believe what you want; the woods are hard to beat in the spring time when the floor is a mass of bluebells.

All information correct at the time of writing

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