Large Holiday House To Rent For Christmas 2021

If you’re looking for a large holiday house to rent for Christmas 2021, we have one word of advice: HURRY! Seriously, things have been so bonkers this past year that we’ve had to move bookings forward and with that and people not wanting to miss out again, we don’t have much availability at all now for this year. But we do have some, like a handful of properties that aren’t booked, so be quick and you can look forward to a fabulous festive celebration with your favourite folk.

It’s no surprise that there are a lot of people out there looking for a large holiday house to rent for Christmas 2021; after all, this last one was a complete wash out really, couldn’t see many people at all, only for one day, no hugging or sitting too close. Not such a merry one, so no wonder everyone is looking to make the most of it this year. We’ll be out of the woods by then (Mr Johnson says by late Spring) so all the more reason to gather together your nearest and dearest and head off to one of our gorgeous gaffs for a festive knees up.

Oh it will be wonderful! There’ll be a big tree up, all the sparkly lights, big fat sofas to curl up on, a kitchen that takes the stress out of cooking the Christmas turkey; it’s a chance to have the most perfect festive season ever, with the people you love most in the whole wide world. If you’re a few generations of a family with young and old on board, you’ll be glad to know that our luxury large group accommodation has something that’ll keep everyone entertained, from indoor pools, hot tubs and saunas, to games rooms, BBQ lodges and children’s play areas. Add to that a beautiful setting in the countryside and you’ve got all the ingredients for the perfect big family Christmas; walks across the fields, evenings by the fire, carols round the tree...

At the time of going to press we’ve got availability for a week’s stay in big and beautiful houses that sleep 10-29 in Devon, Somerset, Wiltshire and Monmouthshire, so take a closer look and you’re bound to find something that ticks all the right boxes. Have something big to look forward to for Christmas 2021. If you miss out, never mind - there's always 2022, but likewise, that's starting to fill up already. Best not to dally, best to book now!


See our availability for Christmas 2021 here!