Short Breaks December 2020 UK

So, that’s November off limits, but no point in getting glum about it because that doesn’t get you anywhere, does it? Instead think positive and book now for short breaks for December 2020 in the UK. Snap up a great deal with our late availability offers and make it a December to remember for all the right reasons!

Our properties take the crown when it comes to short breaks for December in the UK because they have everything covered if the weather isn’t so good – with indoor pools, hot tubs, spa facilities, games rooms, movie rooms and BBQ lodges it can be lashing with rain and blowing a gale outside and it won’t matter at all because you’ll have plenty to keep you occupied indoors. That has to be the perfect antidote to what can only be described as a thoroughly miserable year.

We’re rolling out our 6 Guest Special offers already for short breaks for December 2020 in the UK, which means you can grab yourselves a bargain and have something to look forward to for when this current lockdown is over. We’ve all been stuck at home a bit too much this year and as the winter kicks in it’s not much fun, we can’t go outside so much and we don’t all have our own swimming pools or games rooms, so having a weekend away, or a midweek break is a great idea – a change of scene, and like we say, lots to do, much to keep you happy.

You can all have fun splashing about in the pool together, maybe have a swim-a-thon, but even if you don’t take to it like a duck to water you can still join in to some extent as most of our pools have a constant depth of 1.2m. You’ll have a whale of a time, if you’ll excuse the pun! But it’s true, you will – you’ll be in a bed of roses with a December break at a Sleeps12 luxury holiday home. Just think of it; lounging about in the hot tub, sprawled on the sofas together watching your favourite movies, having a barrel of laughs playing table tennis or pool, or table football. What a whizz! you pick a property with spa facilities you can enjoy a jolly good pampering session, which is something we could all do with at the moment! We love the BBQ lodges that some of our big cottages have, mainly because it’s something entirely different and you can make good use of them anytime of year. Have your dinner out there, get the kids sizzling sausages and toasting marshmallows, or go for it and have a proper job feast – big juicy steaks, slow cooked pork belly, Jerk chicken, vegetable kebabs, grilled peaches… nom nom.

You see, one of the things we like most about the amazing group holiday houses we have in our collection is that once you’re there, it’s like a world of your own in most cases. That’s perfect right now, you can get away with your nearest and dearest, shut the world outside the door and just totally relax together, forget all the bad stuff for a few days. It really is an escape, and at these prices, definitely not to be scoffed at. You can save more than 50% on some of our short breaks for December 2020 in the UK!

Treat yourselves, go on! Bring a big helping of winter cheer to those short December days, put the smiles back on faces. Take a look at our late availability and book today!

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