A New Name For Walnut Arbour: Willowhayes

We’ve chosen a new name for Walnut Arbour: Willowhayes! Think of it as a kind of rebranding – a name that’s unique to Sleeps12, carefully selected to reflect the former use of this luxury large group holiday house. It fits, it works, we love it.

So, we’ve renamed Walnut Arbour and it’s now called Willowhayes! Still the same large group holiday house, and one that comes with a lot of luxury – 6 bedrooms to sleep 12, plus 2 extra guest beds at a small charge each, an indoor pool, a steam room, sauna, hot tub and games room.

We wanted a name that’s unique to Sleeps12, one that gave a nod to the heritage of this amazing house. Back in the day it was a huge barn that was used for storing the withies, or willows, grown and used to make baskets and hurdles in this part of Somerset, so Willowhayes is perfect. We like that connection to the past, to the traditions of the Somerset Levels – a lot of folk made their living growing willow in this area and the trade continues to this day at Coates English Willow just up the road from Willowhayes.

We love Willowhayes. Tucked away in a peaceful hamlet deep in the countryside, it’s like a world of your own. Peace and quiet, and with all those incredible features, a chance to completely unwind; an absolute gem for large family holidays, days away with friends, and private spa weekends. Take a look, see for yourself and book today!

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