Wilmington, Polegate, East Sussex

Wilmington is a peaceful and picturesque village on the edge of the beautiful South Downs, just off the A27. There are some very pretty cottages, a historic church and priory ruins that date back to the late 1100s; if you like looking at old churches, go and poke your head in when you’re staying nearby on your large group holiday in East Sussex. In the churchyard there’s an ancient yew tree, said to be almost 2,000 years old, supported by huge wooden props.

What Wilmington is famous for is the 230ft figure carved in the chalk hills above the village, known as The Long Man of Wilmington, or The Wilmington Giant. Its origins are unknown; the earliest known drawings of it are from 1710, though some say it dates back to Saxon or even Roman times. There are a few theories - it was carved by a monk from the priory, it's a fertility symbol, or a representation of an ancient warrior, but no one knows for sure, all part of the mystery and allure.

The village is a good starting point for a walk, past The Long Man of Wilmington and up onto the Downs where the views are absolutely breathtaking. Afterwards you can wander back down to the Long Man Inn for a pub lunch.

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