The Long Man of Wilmington, Wilmington, Polegate, East Sussex

At almost 230ft, The Long Man of Wilmington is the largest representation of the human form in the whole of Europe. Viewed from one of the best vantage points like the car park at the priory in Wilmington or the hill at the top of the figure, you see the sheer size of it and can’t help wondering who did it and why, and how long did it must have taken them.

The answer is, nobody knows, though there are several theories. Some say The Long Man, or The Wilmington Giant, dates back to prehistoric times, others believe he was created by a monk from the priory that was close by, somewhere in the 400 years between the 11th and 15th centuries, and then there are those who say no, no, much later – 16th or 17th century. And as to why, well that’s even more baffling; he could be an ancient fertility symbol, he could be a depiction of a warrior of some sort, it is not known and probably never will be.

Anyway, it’s quite a spectacle, so go and see it, then you can tick it off your list and after a short walk on the South Downs, head back down to the aptly named Long Man Inn for a pub lunch.

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