Edwinstowe, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire

Edwinstowe is an attractive village on the edge of Sherwood Forest, one of mostly historic buildings that include red brick terraces, centuries old cottages and grander stone properties. It feels good here and there’s a good sense of community, so it’s a nice place for a browse around; there are shops, galleries, pubs and restaurants and a very pleasing medieval church - according to legend it’s where Robin Hood and Maid Marion were married. In their honour, there’s a statue of the happy couple in the High Street.

The village is named after King Edwin who was the Saxon king of Northumbria, killed in battle in 633AD. This is his resting place or ‘stowe’. Back then, this was all forest and he was buried in a clearing so that his enemies could not lay their hands on his body, although the small wooden chapel may have been a giveaway. It was replaced by the village church in 1175.

So have a wander, stop for a bite to eat; if you like pub food go to The Royal Oak, Smoke and Ice is the place for amazing smoked delights and scrumptious desserts, or for fine dining, Launay’s Restaurant is hard to beat. Walk it off with a stroll to Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre and a wander on one of the many walking trails.

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