Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire

Everyone’s heard of Sherwood Forest because according to legend, it’s where Robin Hood hung out with his band of merry men, hiding in the enormous boughs of Robin Hood’s Major Oak near Edwinstowe, feasting beneath its mighty crown. Also known for its nationally important ancient oak trees (some are over 1,000 years old), Sherwood is one of the royal forests and is massive at about 100,000 acres, so a good starting point for your day out is the Visitor Centre; grab a coffee, plan what you’re going to do.

You can set off by yourselves and see where the winds take you and what you discover; the forest is rich in flora and fauna, so who knows what you might see? Look out for the birdlife, for the woodland animals that roam these parts; keep your eyes peeled for butterflies, wild flowers and fungi because you might just spot something fascinating and learn something new. You might have a good walk planned, or a bike ride, or you might decide to join one of the guided tours - maybe a Robin Hood themed tour, or for families, bug hunts, woodcraft and wild challenges.

There are also events in all seasons so it’s worth checking the website to see what’s on – they have things like Nordic Walking, Pedlar and Pilgrim Tours, Myths and Legends Tours and the fearsome sounding Return of the Krampus. In December there are Christmas Wreath Making workshops and carol singing, bound to get you in festive spirit. They offer a guided walks and afternoon tea package for groups, so that might appeal.

Whatever you decide to do in Sherwood Forest take the time to stop and stare; enjoy mindful moments and store them away to draw on when you need quiet amidst the chatter of life. It’s a beautiful place.

T: 01623 677321 (Visitor Centre)     All information correct at the time of writing

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