Cuckmere Haven, Seaford, East Sussex

If when you’re on your large group holiday in East Sussex, you fancy a day by the sea but the hustle and bustle of Eastbourne and Brighton beaches aren’t for you, head to Cuckmere Haven. This is a quieter pebble beach with the dramatic Seven Sisters white chalk cliffs just to the east; it’s where the meandering Cuckmere River meets the sea on the Sussex Heritage Coast, just a few miles from Seaford.

As you head down to the beach, stand on the hill above the row of Coastguard cottages, look out towards the Seven Sisters and it’s like it could be decades ago, and that’s the charm that Cuckmere Haven has; it remains unspoilt, untouched by commercialism. People come here for quiet enjoyment, just to spend time on the beach, to spuddle about in the rockpools at low tide, and to fish the river mouth. If you’re planning on spending a few hours here, take a beach picnic or stroll to Saltmarsh Kitchen half a mile away.

And if there’s something familiar about those cliffs, if you feel you’ve seen them before, but can’t think where – well, remember Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire? That scene where Harry Potter walks up the cliff and finds the magic boots that transport him to the Quidditch World Cup? This is where it was filmed.

All information correct at the time of writing

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