Large Holiday Homes - New Year Breaks In The UK

New Year’s Eve; the last day of a year we’ll all be glad to see the back of, it’s been one of the worst years in living history; the mother of all annus horrabilis’. The future may not be entirely certain but now is the time to gather friends and family and head off for New Year breaks in the UK; a few days away for some good cheer and to raise a glass to brighter days.

New Year’s Eve is a time for celebrating. So, do it. Spend the New Year smiling and laughing with your loved ones in a happy little world of your own, which is pretty much how it can be when you have a stay in one of our luxury self catering cottages. Rock up, shut the door, unpack and do whatever you want. You’ll find plenty of ways to unwind; take a dip in the pool – it’s private, it’s indoors, it’s all yours so make the most of it. You can all get in and splash about. Have a soak in the hot tub, talk about all the exciting things you’re going to do next year, plan your next Sleeps12 holiday!

Kindle the competitive spirit in the games room over a session of table football, a game of ping-pong or pool. The winner has to… oh, you’ll think of something, it’ll be a wheeze. If the weather’s not too bad you can get out in the garden with the kids, give them a helping hand on the climbing frame, a push on the swings, and catch them when they come whizzing down the slide, happy as Larry.

You’ll need to get organised with food and that, but that shouldn’t be a problem; take plenty, especially snacks and then you can all snuggle up on the sofa for a movie night, with bowls of crisps and popcorn – and sweets – to tuck into. You can all pitch in and make canapes and cocktails and mocktails for New Year’s Eve; get dressed up in your glad rags, pop on the tunes, and have a little party. Dance it, sing it, enjoy yourselves and do please let the younger folk stay up late! It’s all about seeing the New Year in, you know – out with the old, in with the new, and besides, they have to be introduced to the tradition of Auld Lang Syne at some stage, and that big countdown!

What we think is enormous fun is to spend the evening in the BBQ lodge; it’s so cosy out there, all Nordic style with reindeer hides or blankets to keep you warm, and lots of twinkly lights. Fire up the barbie and sizzle sausages, sear steaks and toast marshmallows till they go all lovely and mushy. Then you can play games, like charades and wink murder, tell jokes, even have a sing-a-long to take you up to the main moment.

The next day, the very first day of the New Year, well, maybe a lie-in for starters, but then get yourselves up and downstairs for your breakfast whether it’s a big fat fry up or a hearty bowl of porridge. Then what? Perhaps another swim? A sit in the sauna? More table tennis? Tell you what, you ought to get your coats and hats on at sone stage and get out for a walk in the fields, get a load of that fresh country air. Most of our holiday homes for New Year’s breaks in the UK aren’t far from the beach so you can go for a bracing stroll along the shore or up on the clifftop where you can really appreciate those incredible sea views, weather permitting.

And that’s the beauty of spending New Year at one of our amazing holiday houses in the UK – even if it’s blowing a gale you can still enjoy yourselves to the max because there’s so much indoors to keep you all amused. It’s a wonderful way to mark the occasion, next year you can make it bigger and better, but for now, it’s a lovely thing to do with your nearest and dearest, just the few of you seeing in the New Year and making a toast to better days to come.

We’ve got some fantastic offers on New Year breaks in the UK and now’s the time to book, so check out our awesome properties and secure your stay today! Happy New Year everyone, let’s all look ahead and look forward to welcoming back the good times!


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