10/10 - Beautiful accommodation, had a fantastic time. - Graham - October 2020

10/10 - The accommodation was perfect, very clean and well equipped with everything, would recommend more coat hangers in the rooms. It’s a beautiful place to stay and highly recommend to our family and friends. - Loader - September 2020

10/10 - Lovely accommodation x. Immaculately clean x - September 2020

9/10 - Lovely place, very clean and modern and nice and secluded, only downside for us personally is that the wifi is very good so when the children wants to sit and watch a film they couldn't. - Samra - August 2020

9/10 - What a place!! We had an amazing time, the property is clean and well equipped. The games rooms is a great place to chill out, we made great use of the pool table and was our hangout place. We will definitely visit again. We went to Noah's Ark Zoo, god day out with younger children. - Mehta - July 2020

9/10 - Lovely property, perfect for our family getaway. Boys loved the games room. The only thing we would ask for is a fly-zapper on the wall in the main kitchen. - McMillan - July 2020

9/10 - The heating was locked on 17 which was too cold for our bedroom and games room. Especially with my 18 month old. - Rutter - November 2019

Response: "We are sorry to hear that it was too cold for them as we have set all the temperatures in the accommodation to be ambient. The Wagon House is on a thermostat which can be changed and information regarding this is on the check in sheet which I have attached. All guests are given the owners/managers telephone numbers and on check in they are advised to call one of these numbers if there are any issues". - Onwer

10/10 - We can recommend a visit to Sheppy's Cider. Would of liked a mop and Hoover but only so we could of cleaned the house better upon leaving. - Meaghan - February 2019

8/10 - Kilve is perfect for Boxing Day walking. Please, more tea towels! One per unit is insufficient for a family party; we realise you are mainly a wedding venue and therefore most of the time no-one cooks, but some serving dishes would have been useful for our group. We all noticed a smell - oil? - in the Wagon House, seeming to come from the boiler, which was unpleasant. - Waddington - December 2018

10/10 - Excellent accommodation, would definitely recommend. - Mason - March 2018

9/10 - We enjoyed our stay! - McLeod Family - February 2018

10/10 - Lovely location and I know I can speak for everyone when I say we had a great time. I would definitely recommend this for a large group of people. The games room was brilliant, the hot tub was a lovely addition which we all enjoyed. We also had the Posh Piggery which was a lovely addition. It would have been good to have an explanation of the walking route to the local village. We tried walking on our first day and wasn't aware of the pathway. We tried walking along the grass next to the main road but quickly ran out of road so gave up. We managed to speak with someone who told us about the pathway and going through the field. Would have been nice to know that beforehand. Other than that REALLY minor point I couldn't speak highly enough of the place itself.  - Lock Family - January 2018

8/10 - The accommodation and games room were great. The only improvement would be perhaps a large rug in the main lounge area in the wagon house and perhaps bigger cups for tea, but it really was a lovely holiday home. We would recommend Dunster Castle and Ramscombe Deer Park. - Ratcliffe - December 2017

10/10 - The house had amazing facilities, including a great kitchen, hot tub, pool table and smart TVs in all the rooms. We would recommend Cannington Park paint balling for a day out. - Beale Family - November 2017

10/10 - Great place. Fantastic rooms. - Dobson - November 2017

10/10 - Humphrey Group - November 2017

10/10 - The house is immaculate and a beautiful space to spend time in. The beds are comfortable and every room has an ensuite. Beautiful baths in some of the rooms, and a hot tub outside! The owner brought over two bottles of bubbly when we arrived and they were attentive on checking in by phone throughout our stay. - Birtwell Party - April 2017

9/10 - Everything was beautifully clean and well-equipped. The hot tub was great but could have been a bit hotter. The owner didn't get back to us when we asked how to increase the temperature. Cups and saucers were lovely but it would have been nice to have the option of mugs. These were only small things. We all thoroughly enjoyed our stay and would love to go back next year. - Goodman Party - February 2017