10/10 - Everything was perfect, we had exactly what we needed and contacts were on hand if necessary but we were unbothered for the whole stay. The house is beautiful with plenty of space and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves! - Clayton

10/10 - Everything was amazing. Absolutely fantastic. The house has a six-star rating we feel. The attention to detail - brilliant. We all enjoyed it. The house owner and her support staff were very attentive, we will definitely book this again and looking to book The Granary also on-site for one of our events. A wedding here would be an absolute dream. Fabulous/ Fantastic/ Fun place. - Smith

8/10 - The house offered plenty of space for the little ones to run around which was great. All in all, we had a fun weekend and Naomi was very patient with the bombardment of questions and came back to us immediately. - Chalfin