The Halfway House, Pitney, near Langport, Somerset

An utterly charming rural inn; slate floors, old pine tables, open fires and beer drawn straight from the barrel. Family run, it's undeniably welcoming for locals and visitors alike, with dogs contentedly snoozing under chairs. Go on steak night, join in the laughter of a quiz night, go to the Beer Festival. Food is honest and home cooked, changing with the seasons; there's a good choice of sandwiches and hearty meals such as faggots, mash and onion gravy, creamy fish casserole and feta and sundried tomato tart, and you get plenty of it. They're big on real ales and local cider and you can take a pint out to the garden and sip it beneath the trees. It's a testament to Somerset country pubs; don't miss it.

Open Mon-Fri 11.30-3pm and 4-11pm, Sat-Sun 11.30-11pm  Booking advised.  T: 01458 252513

All information correct at the time of writing.

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