Ilminster, Somerset

Ilminster is only a small market town, but what a delight! You can't help noticing how laid back the ambience is, and how there's a sense of community with people greeting each other in the street; the shops are mostly independent and have been run by the same family for years, like the award-winning butchers where there's often a queue by the door. There are a few antiques/interiors shops, the most exquisite florists, a lovely arts centre in a converted church, and for those essential bits and pieces there are two supermarkets.

Have a stroll around whilst you're here; go and see the glorious parish church and the little cottages and old grammar school behind it, take a picnic in the shade of a tree on the recreation ground, walk up through the sun dappled woods to the fields above the town; you can find fossils up there when it's been ploughed and the views across the Somerset countryside are staggering. If you're hungry, wander up the road to No.57 where you can enjoy very flavoursome nosh and browse the vintage wares - tea and chat amongst the tat as they say! Otherwise, have a look at the latest art exhibition and stop for a bite at The Meeting House, or just a few miles out of town on the old A303 is Pip's Railway Carriage Cafe, where you can have a delicious lunch or just tea and cake in a converted bus or railway carriage.

All information correct at the time of writing

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