House Rules

These House Rules apply to all Sleeps12 property bookings made via the Website or by phone. These House Rules apply in addition to, and do not replace, our Booking Terms and Conditions.  Please read our Booking Terms and Conditions and these House Rules carefully as they are contractual terms that will apply to the contract between the Lead Booker (“You/Your/Lead Booker”) and the Owner of the Property. 

Defined terms used in these House Rules will have the same meaning as in the Booking Terms and Conditions unless otherwise specified.

Property Rules:

  • No smoking is permitted at the property.
  • Do not use candles or disposable BBQ’s.
  • Do not use fireworks, sky lanterns, or drones.
  • No bringing amplified equipment, glitter balloons, or pool floats with glitter.
  • No fixing of banners or decorations causing damage.
  • Noise should be kept down after 11:00pm; no audible music to neighbours.
  • Cook only in designated areas.
  • Leave the property clean; otherwise, additional cleaning charges may apply.
  • No pets unless agreed in writing.
  • Dispose of waste properly, including recycling and hazardous waste.
  • Do not use outdoor plugs for electric vehicle charging.
  • No subletting without written agreement.
  • Only those included on the guest list can stay or visit the property unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  • Personal electrical items must not be left charging unattended, nor devices left plugged in whilst away from the property
  • Appliances such as washing machines and cooking equipment should not be left running whilst away from the property
  • Electrical items must only be used according to the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Personal extension leads and adapter blocks should not be used.

Note: Breaching the house rules will incur a £250 fee.

Rules for Use of Leisure Facilities:

Pool and Hot Tub Care:

  • Take care around or when using the pool.
  • Shower before entering to prevent foreign items in the water.
  • Avoid wearing fake tan, suntan lotion, or body lotions to maintain water quality.
  • Ensure chlorine-protected costumes and rinse after use.
  • No glass items near the pool or hot tub
  • No food or drink in the pool, hot tub, or surrounding area.
  • Diving is strictly prohibited in pools with shallow and deep ends.
  • Do not alter or tamper with pool equipment.

Hot Tub Usage:

  • Replace covers to retain heat.
  • Never use the hot tub under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Pregnant women should avoid hot tubs; seek medical advice if on medication.
  • Children under 5 should not use hot tubs.
  • Take regular breaks to prevent dehydration (recommend a break every 20 minutes).

General Guidelines:

  • Use the pool, play equipment, and trampoline at your own risk.
  • Always supervise children under 16 and novice swimmers.
  • Respect the tranquillity of the vicinity and maintain considerate behaviour.
  • Any damage due to misuse or negligence will be chargeable.
  • Follow additional guidance provided by the Owner.
  • We and the Owner do not accept responsibility for illness, injury, or reactions related to pool, hot tub, or spa facilities.

Tennis Court Usage:

  • Wear non-marking trainers for tennis only.
  • Wind down the net and attach bungees after each use.

Note: Breaching the Rules for Use of Leisure Facilities will incur a £250 fee.

General Information

  • Two infants aged under 2 can attend at no charge; subject to maximum occupancy restrictions.
  • The property description states the maximum number of occupants at any time subject to any overriding government restrictions
  • The temperature of facilities can fluctuate especially with an outdoor pool or hot tub if the cover is removed and may noticeably drop if the cover is left off. Replacing the cover after every use will help to maintain the temperature.
    • Hot Tubs are maintained around 34-37 degrees; they are for relaxation and hydrotherapy
    • Swim Spas are maintained around 27-32 degrees; they are for exercise and relaxation. The cooler temperature allows for exercise without the risk of overheating
    • Swimming Pools are maintained around 27-30 degrees
  • Report any issues promptly; compensation cannot be provided if issues are not reported during the stay.
  • WiFi/internet speeds may vary; please use responsibly and for legal purposes only.
  • Mobile signal varies; we cannot guarantee service
  • Some of our properties are equipped with CCTV, this will be stated in the Facts A-Z of the property. If your booked property has CCTV, appropriate signage will be displayed on-site. By making a booking, you agree to the use of CCTV on and around the premises.
  • Some of our properties are equipped with Noise Monitors, this will be stated within the Facts A-Z of the property. By making a booking, you agree to the use of noise monitors at the property.

Restricted Mobility Applicants: Where the access to, layout or other physical feature of a property may be reasonably foreseen to cause individuals with restricted mobility difficulties We and the Owner have endeavoured to ensure that the information provided in respect of the Property has made this clear. You are required to inform Us in writing on submission of the Booking Form of the requirements of any individual due to be residing at the Property during the Stay with regard to any restricted mobility issues that may exist.