Noise Monitors At Your Large Group Holiday House

We’re often asked about noise monitors at our luxury large group holiday houses, so we thought we’d explain a little more about this for you.

Firstly, some of our properties do have noise monitors installed; we are completely transparent about this and if there are any at your chosen property, it will be clear from the Facts A-Z page.

Secondly, all the noise monitors do is measure sound levels in certain areas in and outside of the property. They DON’T record specific sounds or conversation.

If there are noise monitors at a property it’s because we have to be considerate of neighbouring properties or because there have been previous issues with noise disturbance. Remember, these are not party houses and our Terms & Conditions clearly state:

"You must not cause a nuisance or disturbance to neighbouring accommodation or behave in an unreasonable way. The playing of music or making a noise which is clearly audible in nearby accommodation is not permitted after 11.00 pm"

So, if at any time during your stay the monitors detect excessive noise for 15 minutes or more, the house manager/owner may be in touch to politely inform you that sound levels are too high. If you ignore this or continue to make excessive noise, further action may be taken; this could include fees to cover potential losses due to complaints from neighbours, and in extreme cases, you might even be asked to vacate the property.

Most of our guests are sensible and respect the fact that our large group holiday houses are for quiet enjoyment, so noise issues are rarely a problem. We want you to enjoy every minute of your holiday, but it’s important to remember that the Terms & Conditions you agree to at the time of booking are legally binding and must be adhered to. Have a very happy stay, but please – no parties. 

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