CCTV At Your Large Group Holiday House

When you book your luxury group accommodation with Sleeps12, you should be aware that there may be CCTV at your chosen holiday house. Not all of our properties have this – if they do it will be clear on the Facts A-Z page. There is also a relevant clause in our Terms & Conditions which are agreed to at the time of booking.

What’s important for you to know is that the CCTV isn’t ever monitored and that recordings are deleted forever after 30 calendar days at the most; if recorded images are ever used it would strictly be for lawful purposes only. We can assure you that all privacy and data protection laws are complied with at all properties with security cameras.

Usually, CCTV only covers the entrance to the property, including the driveway and parking area. The main reasons why some property owners choose to install security cameras are to ensure guests’ safety and to deter intruders – this can be very useful in the low season when the house is more likely to be empty for short periods.

So please don’t worry about CCTV at your large group holiday house; it’s not there to watch you, it’s for your safety and that of the property. Forget it’s there and enjoy every minute of your stay!

Large Holiday Houses In the UK