Dunkeswell, Honiton, Devon

Not a lot goes on in Dunkeswell; it’s one of those quiet Devon villages where everyone contentedly goes about their days as they will. The location, in the Blackdown Hills, is a gem because it’s set amidst beautiful countryside and there are plenty of footpaths that lead you through fields and woodlands right around the valley.  

There are two more or less separate parts to the village - ‘old’ Dunkeswell and ‘new’ Dunkeswell; the new bit is where the local shop is, the old bit has more of the pretty cottages and the church. People mostly come to Dunkeswell to see the ruins of the 13th century Cistercian monastery, which was an off-shoot of Forde Abbey about 18 miles away, and to visit the small but busy airfield where you can go and have a private flight or sit in the Aviator Café and watch the planes and parachutes landing,

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