Drusillas Park, Berwick, Polegate, East Sussex

If you’ve got younger folk with you on your large group holiday in East Sussex, take them for a day out at Drusillas Park. This is regarded as one of the best smaller zoos in the country and is fun with a big fat capital F. There are animals to see including giant anteaters, binturongs, Bactrian camels and several species of primates. Walk through Lemur Land and the Sloth and Bat House, feed the lorikeets in Lori Land and listen to a Penguin Feeding Talk.

There are rides too, like Amazon Skyrise, The Hippopotabus, Flying Cheetahs and Jungle Jeeps - it’s all so exciting! Play in the House of Fun, Jurassic Jungle, Go Wild! and get wet! When you need to refuel go to The Explorer’s Café, The Amazon Adventure Café, Candyland or the Doughnut Factory. And before you leave, go to Mungo’s Trading Post or Toy Safari for a souvenir of your visit – these are well stocked shops so make sure you have deep pockets!

Open: 10:00am-5:00pm every day
T: 01323 874100

All information correct at the time of writing

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