Bolberry Down, Salcombe, Devon

If you feel inclined to stretch your legs when you’re staying near Salcombe on your group holidays in Devon head up to Bolberry Down. It’s nice up there, the views out over the sea are incredible and that bracing clifftop air is all you need to invigorate you or to kiss goodbye to any cobwebs.

There are several trails you can follow, depending on where you fancy going; Bolberry Down is on the South West Coast Path and part of it, not far from the car park, is accessible so you don’t have to go far. Otherwise pull on your boots and sally forth; climb down to Soar Mill Cove for a picnic on the beach, stroll over to Overbeck’s Gardens where the grounds are often described as a sub-tropical paradise, carry on down into Salcombe for an ice cream at Salcombe Dairy or lunch at The Crab Shed. In the opposite direction you can walk to Hope Cove or onto South Milton Sands; best pack your bathers, just in case.

If you don’t want to walk far, just have a mosey about, look out for wildlife, plonk yourselves down on one of the benches and sit there for a while woolgathering, enjoying the spectacular views; then wander down to Oceans Restaurant for tea and cake on the terrace.

All information correct at the time of writing

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