Black and White Village Trail, Herefordshire

The Black and White Village Trail covers 40 miles taking in the quirky old half-timbered buildings that this part of Herefordshire is famous for. Quiet roads take you through farmland, orchards and hop fields, stopping at medieval villages to see the houses and cottages, some of them dating back to Tudor or medieval times. What you notice is that none of them are uniform – they lean this way and that way, the upper storey might jut out over the street, windows aren’t straight, bit it all adds to the charm.

The trail starts and finishes in Leominster, which has its own fair share of black and white buildings. Cycling enthusiasts can follow the trail on bikes, otherwise pootle about and park up as you arrive at each town or village, get out and have a wander round. Pembridge, Dilwyn, Eardisland and Weobley are well worth a stop at - and that's the beauty of this trail - you don’t have to do it all in one go. You can do as little or as much as you want, perhaps spread it out over your holiday in Herefordshire. Enroute you’ll find plenty of cosy tea rooms, country pubs and picnic spots.

Pick up a leaflet form the TIC in Leominster or download the pdf at

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