Appledore, Devon

Appledore stands where the Taw and Torridge rivers meet, not far from Bideford and Barnstaple in North Devon. It's a lovely little place, of narrow winding streets, colourful buildings, centuries old fishermens cottages and white terraces on the quay. It's not without its history either; for centuries Appledore has been recognised as an important centre for boat building and that, along with the fishing trade, still continues there to this day, with many of the local people employed in the village's indoor ship yard.

You could quite easily while away a couple of hours or even a whole afternoon mooching around Appledore, exploring the little backways and browsing the shops and galleries. The village tends to draw a certain type of person, creative types, so there are lots of artists studios here, and once a year there's a book festival. Hang about, try crabbing from the harbour, take a boat trip out on the estuary, then come back and settle down for a bite to eat at The Royal George or The Beaver Inn. 

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