Surprise Weekends Away For Big Families

We wanted to give a helping hand to people booking surprise weekends away for big families, after all, it’s such a wonderful thought! You know the kind of scenario; Mum and Dad have got their 50th wedding anniversary coming up, Dad’s notched up 70 years in the school of life, your eldest grandchild is about to turn 18. There doesn’t even have to be a reason, maybe it’s just time you all had a big family Christmas or something. There are so many occasions that are worth celebrating and it’s the perfect time to treat your family to a surprise weekend away.

Surprise holidays are one of the best kinds of gift, aren’t they? Ooh, just seeing everyone’s faces when they find out about it! Then you all start to look forward to it, and the kids get so excited they can hardly contain themselves! It’s been scientifically proven that when we get surprises (nice ones, of course!) it makes us feel very positive – it stimulates our brains, we get curious, we start to plan and to dream.

There’s every reason to get excited when you’ve got a stay in a Sleeps12 house to look forward to! Our houses are amazing for surprise weekends away for big families, in fact it doesn’t have to be just a weekend – come for as long as you like because they’re perfect for any occasion. You’ll find heaps of space, all the modern convenience you need, super comfy beds, luxury bathrooms, and of course, what we’re renowned for are the fantastic facilities in our large group accommodation. We’ve got indoor swimming pools, hot tubs, saunas, games rooms, home cinema rooms, children’s play areas, and what’s more, most of our big holiday cottages are DOG FRIENDLY! YIP YIP! So the family pooch gets to come too, the icing on the cake for that surprise weekend away with your family!

Most of our holiday homes for big groups are in gorgeous locations surrounded by unspoilt countryside, with views that stretch for miles, so you feel like it’s a world of your own, all yours to enjoy for however long your stay – it might be a whole week (lucky you!), a midweek break, a long weekend, or maybe just a Friday and Saturday night away; either way you’ll probably wish you could stay for longer.

With Sleeps12 you can have a lot of fun booking surprise weekends away for big families; we’ve got a whole page of Things To Do and Extras and that’s where you’ll get inspired for ways to spend your family break. Plan a day out, arrange an activity, book a table at one of the local eateries for a scrumptious celebration feast, or even better, get one of our professional caterers in to cook for you so you can all relax and enjoy every minute together!

Surprise weekends away for big families are always a winner; it’s a brilliant present for everyone - so much better than a jumper, a bottle of perfume, or a box of posh chocs. And it’s so much nicer to put your feet up of an evening and take your pick from our luxury large group holiday houses, than to traipse around the busy shops, getting all hot and bothered, clutching your bags – that’s exhausting! Think of the fun of getting together with your siblings and choosing a truly amazing property for a big family weekend away to surprise Mum & Dad with! If you all club together it spreads the cost and you all get to enjoy the celebrations, so it's a winner all round.

The other thing is, you can have fun thinking of ways to present your surprise weekends away for big families. We’ll send you the confirmation of your booking and you can request a montage of photos of the property too, so you can slip that inside a birthday, anniversary or Christmas card. You could give your family little clues to solve – for instance, if you’ve booked one of our beautiful cottages in Somerset, give them cider, Cheddar cheese, a picture of Glastonbury Tor; they’ll soon work it out and then they’ll be dancing with delight. If you’ve got a significant occasion coming up in your family, get cracking, book that big family surprise weekend away today!

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