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Baby & Toddler Friendly

Forget the stress of looking for the perfect toddler friendly garden, or a house with two cots or even calling around half a dozen proeprty owners to see if they have a stair gate.....

We have done all of the hard work for you. At Sleeps 12 we understand that mums and dads (and even Grans) dont want to have the hassle of searching for perfection they want it to be simple and for the perfect property to drop right into their laps. Call it Child's Play if you like! Sorry, couldn't help it!

We work with all of our property owners to ensure they have considered every last guest from the brand spanking new baby to the chap celebrating his 100th birthday on holiday. 

For example most of our properties have toddler beds as well as cots. Stairgates are either fixed all year around or can be placed into the property for you. Some properties have baby equipment such as sterilisers even! Highchairs, toddler seats, play equipment, if our property has it we tell you. We are as open as we can be about all elements of our holiday properties and if you have a request then let us know and we will see what we can do. 

The detail on our property pages tell you all about what is avaliable and when it comes to choosing who goes where and what you'll need you have access to change these configurations from within your own booking up until 2 weeks before arrival. Have a last minute change? Don't panic we aren't going to put you on the naughty step, just give us a call and we can ammend the booking and inform owners. 

So if you are searching for your perfect property then you'll find it here! Sleeps12 lead the way in making holiday accommodation simple to choose. So simple even a child could do it!

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