Wadworth Brewery, Devizes, Wiltshire

You can see the tall red brick tower of Wadworth Brewery from all over town; book up for a brewery tour and you actually get the chance to climb all four stairs to the top. This Victorian brewery was started in 1852 by Henry Wadworth at the young age of 22, and is still run by the family today; it’s played a huge part in the heritage of Devizes and has won several awards, bringing considerable custom to the town.  Allow two and a half hours for a tour because they don’t leave anything out; you find out all the history in the Visitor Centre, have guided talks of the brewing process in the tower and the Copper House, and visit the museum for a look at the memorabilia and the studio where they still handpaint pub signs – the only brewer in the UK to do so. There can’t be many who still use shire horses to deliver beer by horse and cart to pubs in the town either, and that’s another thing, you get to meet the horses, Sam and Jac. As you’d expect you get a good tasting session in the Harness Room Bar, with the merits of each beer explained to you. Then it’s only decent to pop yourselves off to the shop to buy something to take home.

Tours run Mon-Sat at 11 am and 2 pm (closed Bank Holidays)  No children under 12
T: 01380 723361         All information correct at the time of writing

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