Virtual Warfare Laser Combat, Salisbury, Wiltshire

This is tactical team-based laser combat, in this case, called Battlefield Live; it’s like playing on the X-Box or the Playstation only you’re right in on the action. Just a few miles from Salisbury, this is proving to be very popular for hen parties for corporate jollies and team building.
They give you your weapons and safety gear, plus the necessary instruction and you go off into the arenas; The Bunker is a challenging complex of rooms and corridors, The Square is an urban warfare environment with lots of ruined buildings. You do your thing, have a lot of fun and then when you’ve finished you can go to the bar and or restaurant to quench your thirst or tuck into something tasty.
You can book sessions for all ages from 5 upwards, and Virtual Warfare is open all week.

T: 01725 519010       All information correct at the time of writing

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