Town Tree Nature Garden, Martock, Somerset

What you'd call a hidden gem, tucked away in a quiet corner of Somerset, surprisingly not far off the A303. This 22 acre nature garden is the result of one man's dream and a lot of hard work - okay, quite an eccentric man, with a great imagination, as is evidenced by the quirky features you'll see dotted about - a 20ft bench and arches made out of horseshoes, bridges and quirky sculptures designed with a huge emphasis on recycling. Follow the 1.5 miles path around the garden, see the swans and other visiting waterbirds, be mesmerised by the waterfall. There's something very enchanting about Town Tree Nature Garden and you'll be astounded at the utter tranquillity, broken only by the sound of church bells coming from the mock Tudor tower.

The garden is open every day 10 am to one and a half hours before the sun sets. Pay at the farmhouse. Note: No dogs, and some narrow bridges and steep steps.

All information correct at the time of writing.

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