Tiverton Canal Co., Tiverton, Devon

Well, Tiverton Canal Co have come up with something proper lovely for you to do when you're on your Sleeps12 large group holiday, and what's more you can all do it together. Go up the hill to the canal basin in Tiverton, pootle about watching the comings and goings for a while and then climb on board one of the few remaining horse drawn barges in the country for a leisurely trip along the waters of the Grand Western Canal.

It's a wonderful to way to lighten your load, as they say, you can almost feel the weight lift from your shoulders and the pace of life slow down. Have a tea or coffee on board, maybe even a cheeky something stronger. Keep an eye out for the wildlife that have made the canal; and its environs their home; swans, ducks, moorhens and if you’re lucky you might spot a kingfisher, or hear the plop of a water vole as it slips in to the water. The best trip takes two and a half hours and you’ll come back a mine of information because you'll hear plenty of anecdotes and a bit of history, and (now this is really nice), they usually have a two minute silence where you do nothing but appreciate the tranquillity. Imagine. 

If a boat trip doesn't appeal hire a rowing boat or a Canadian canoe* and take to the waters entirely at your own pace; stroll around the Nature Reserve, try your hand at bankside fishing, or cycle along the 11 miles of towpath. Whatever you do, you ought to allow for half an hour or so at the Duck's Ditty Floating Cafe Bar for a hot pasty, a big slice of cake, or a bowl of ice cream; either that or a cream tea at The Canal Tea Rooms and Garden. Sit outside, take in the whole atmosphere and the sound of happy chitchat on the air.

Open: Every day except Monday, though open on Bank Holidays   Dogs not allowed on the barges.
T: 01884 253345   All information correct at the time of writing

*End of May to September

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