Tiverton Canal Co., Tiverton, Devon

Take a leisurely trip along the picturesque Grand Western Canal on a horse drawn barge; one of the few remaining in the country; fell the weight lift from your shoulders, the pace of life slow down. Keep an eye out for the wildlife that have made this beautiful environment their home; swans, ducks, moorhens and if you’re lucky you might spot a kingfisher, or hear the plop of a water vole as it slips in to the water; even otters have been spotted here, and there are organised bat walks you can join in. The best trip takes two and a half hours and you’ll hear plenty of anecdotes and a bit of history, and they usually have a two minute silence where you do nothing but appreciate the tranquillity.
A lovely thing to do whilst you’re on your Devon holiday; it’s great for families, friends and groups of colleagues, and if you’re of the more adventurous ilk you can hire a rowing boat or Canadian canoe and take to the waters.
Whilst you’re here, stroll around the Nature Reserve, indulge in a spot of bankside fishing, or cycle along the 11 miles of towpath, and finish up at the Duck's Ditty Floating Cafe Bar for a hot pasty, a big slice of cake, or a bowl of ice cream; sit in the beer garden and take in the whole atmosphere and the sound of happy chitchat on the air.

Open: Every day except Monday, though open on Bank Holidays   Dogs not allowed on the barges.
T: 01884 253345   All information correct at the time of writing