The Undercliff Nature Reserve, Axmouth, Devon

A 7-8 mile section of the South West Coast Path from Axmouth to Lyme Regis is the only access to the 304 hectare Undercliff crossing 5 miles one of the largest and most active coastal landslips in Western Europe. This beautiful woodland nature reserve is rich in flora and fauna; woodlands rich in ash and field maple, and in parts dense laurel and rhododendron. The sheltered south facing aspect provides the ideal climate for ferns, flowering plants, insects and amphibians. Walk through the Chasm and on to Goat Island, once part of the clifftop farmland, now managed as a chalk grassland habitat where rare orchids and common blue butterflies can be seen. Glimpse the ruins of cottages and farmsteads that once stood here; for many years one was run as a tea shop before being declared unsafe. You can find out more in the museum at Lyme Regis. Bear in mind that The Undercliff can become unstable after heavy rains so great care must be taken and it is very important to stick to the paths. Stout boots should be worn when walking in the reserve.

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