The Round House, Castle Cary, Somerset

The Round House in Castle Cary was built in 1777 as a lockup, where ‘drunkards and miscreants’ were temporarily held – oh yes, that’s what you could expect if you misbehaved on a night out on the town in those days, although it also served as a place where children above the age of seven years were locked up during school hours if they were found wandering the streets or breaking the Sabbath! When you see The Round House you’ll see how it got its name – it’s round and made of stone, like a house. It’s also easy to see why there’s a story that the domed roof was the inspiration for policemen’s helmets! If you want to see it for yourself you can borrow the keys from the Market House on weekday mornings, and if you’re looking for a quirky Somerset wedding venue, well, this is certainly different.

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