The Exmouth Dinosaur Safari, Exmouth, Devon

If, when you’re on your group holidays in Devon you’re planning a visit to Exmouth and you’re looking for something the whole family can join in, check out the Exmouth Dinosaur Safari. Well, this is the Jurassic Coast after all, and it won’t cost you any more than the £1 price of the activity pack and it’s a good way of exploring the town. This self-guided walking and brass rubbing tour takes you round about the streets following clues, reading Horrible Histories style stories, and spotting the 17 life size dinosaurs. Find mega beasts like velociraptor, brachiosaurus, iguanodon, ichthyosaur and a rather cute baby stegosaurus; last on the trail is a T-Rex, freshly hatched from its egg. Take a good look at those mighty monsters, make sure the little ones do the brass rubbing that’s on the plaque, and then head to one of the designated shops to pick up a souvenir badge.

The Exmouth Dinosaur Safari is on the OS Secret Stories app which can be downloaded for free by searching Exmouth’s Brassed-Off Dinosaurs on Google Play or iTunes. Pop into the TUC for a map of the trail and a pack with crayons and paper for the brass rubbings.

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