Tellisford, Frome, Somerset

Tellisford is a tiny hamlet about 4 miles from Frome with a medieval packhorse bridge and what people come here for – a weir where you can go wild swimming in the River Frome. It’s beautiful spot, with gorgeous scenery all around; in the summer willows dip their leaves into the waters from the tree lined banks which provide shade from the heat of the blazing sun, dragonflies dance in the air and it’s such an idyllic place to be – provided it’s not too busy. Sadly, as with all such wild places, word gets out and the world and his wife go there. Bear in mind that the weir is on private land and is accessed down a steep stoney footpath; there are no facilities – no loos or bins so the countryside code must be adhered to.

All information correct at the time of writing

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