Stairlifts at Your Large Group Holiday Home

When you come for a large group stay at one of our luxury holiday homes, we want you all to enjoy every minute of it. Accessibility is important to us, not just for the less able bodied, but for the elderly as well. We believe that nobody should be left out.

Some of our group accommodation is very access friendly with level flooring and ground floor bedrooms with ensuite wet rooms. Some even have stairlifts which is really appreciated by large family groups, because it makes life a little easier for Granny and Grandad. Whilst a lot of grandparents are still sprightly and agile, we often hear that stairs can be a problem for the older folk.

What matters is that the stairlifts are used correctly and only when necessary. They aren’t readily available at the properties that have them, but are key operated and need to be requested in advance. This can be done easily when your holiday is booked, or added well in advance of your arrival date.

We do it this way for safety reasons; if stairlifts can’t be used without the key it avoids the potential for misuse and accidents, and the unpleasant possibility of having to charge guests for damage to the equipment due to carelessness. As long as they are used properly, a stairlift can be an invaluable asset to your large group holiday.

Large Access Friendly Holiday Homes