Small Breeds Farm Park and Owl Centre, Kington, Herefordshire

What a lovely time you can have at the Small Breeds Farm Park and Owl Centre– and something different in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside. As you’d expect, this is all about small breeds – the rare and the beautiful, and the very cute. Go and say hello to the pygmy goats, the little sheep, the miniature horses and donkeys, maybe book a hands on experience to make your visit even more memorable.

See the birds pecking about, happy as larks (‘scuse the pun) in their tranquil enclosure; there are ducks and geese, rare breed chickens with big feathery feet and in the Milennium dome where red squirrels live, there are colourful exotic pheasants.

Then there’s the Owl Garden, home to all the British owls and over 30 species from around the world; in the Spring and Summer you can see the newly hatched birds in the Owlet Room, and if you time it right you might be able to watch the keeper hand feeding them.

And there are the little smalls, the guinea pigs and rabbits, the finches and canaries, all warm and content, well fed and well watered. This is such a wonderful opportunity to get up close to some of the rarest small breeds on the planet, and it’s a lovely afternoon out for a young family. Most of the animals have undercover enclosures so don’t be put off if it’s raining. There’s a gift shop, a tea room and picnic garden; large groups should ring in advance.  

Open: every day 10.20-.40ppm except Christmas week
T: 01544 231109          All information correct at the time of writing

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