Shapwick Heath, The Somerset Levels

If you like to watch wildlife then you must go to Shapwick Heath National Nature Reserve; it covers over 500 hectares in the heart of the Somerset Levels, and it's hard to describe how tranquil it is there. Be very, very quiet and you may be lucky enough to see an otter raise its head from among the reeds, or you may hear the low booming call of a bittern echoing out across the marshes. In the winter, it's one of the best places to go and see the murmurations of huge flocks of starlings as they come in to roost. There are bird hides and beneath the peat, a Nelothic pathway, the Sweet Track, with a replica section going into the reed beds; go and see it because it's one of the oldest trackways in the entire world, built over 5,800 years ago. 

Shapwick Heath has car parks (one is charged) and two access friendly trails, but dogs are not allowed on the main part of the reserve.

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