Point in View Chapel, Exmouth, Devon

Point in View Chapel in Exmouth was built by cousins Mary and Jane Parminter in the early 19th century – they were non-conformists who belonged to the local Congregational Church, but they found that bad weather often prevented them from attending services. Not wanting their coachman to work on a Sunday, they decided to build their own chapel in a field next to their home – the quirky 16 sided A La Ronde, now owned by the National Trust.

Almshouses were added to provide a small community for needy women and later a manse was built for the chaplain to live in. The chapel also served as a school for up to 6 girls who would otherwise have had no education.

Services are still held at the chapel every Sunday at 11 and are attended by a regular congregation. There are gardens, an orchard and a summer house, all open to visitors every day. The style reflects that of A La Ronde, with diamond and triangular windows and a pyramid leaded tower. Stroll across from the house and pause to take in the views of the Exe estuary from the 3 acre meadow where Point in View stands, then step inside; the sense of tranquillity is incredible and if you need five minutes of quiet reflection or a place to sit woolgathering, you’ll certainly find it here. The way the light falls softly through the windows of the tower is breathtaking. A lovely little place to visit.

Open: 9:00am-dusk
T: 01395 260178

All information correct at the time of writing

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