Parrett Trail Bikes, Langport, Somerset

Now here's a lovely way to spend a day if you're wondering what to when you're on your large group holiday in Somerset; you might not all want to do it, we appreciate that bike rides aren't everyone's idea of fun, but even if it's only a few of you, you'll enjoy it. Go to Langport and hire bikes from Parrett Trail Bikes, then spend the day exploring the Somerset Levels. The helpful chaps here know the area well so they can help you out with routes of between 2 and 18 miles, with interesting things to stop and see, and of course, places where you can pause for a bite to eat.
They do full and half day hire and have quite a choice for adults and children including hybrids, mountain bikes, electric bikes, trailer bikes and tag-a-longs. They also have all the accessories and helmets, and they do bicycle repair and maintenance, which is worth knowing if you take your own bike and have a problem with it. 
Parrett Trail Bikes are open from 9.00am to 5.00pm on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the summer season, but if you want to start earlier give them a call, and remember to take some ID when you collect your bikes.

T: 07510 053 746      E:     All information correct at the time of writing