Mulberry Restaurant, Bewdley, Worcestershire

If you like a touch of old fashioned charm, a more traditional setting to dine in then you'll probably be rather enamoured with Mulberry Restaurant. If we had to sum it up briefly, we'd say something along the lines of 'freshly cooked English dishes in a charming old building in the middle of Bewdley'. That's how it is; the charm comes courtesy of the setting, which has oodles of 16th century character, thick stone walls, quirky little windows. The food is traditional with modern touches; for example, on the mains menu is Panfried duck, creamed mash and black cherry sauce, Braised lamb shank, redcurrant & rosemary sauce, Salmon wrapped in puff pastry with salsa verde. Sunday lunch is popular with a choice of meats and something for the vegetarians - like Curried parsnip, bean, lentil and pistachio fig roll. 
Bear in mind it's not a huge place.

Open: 7.00 pm-11.30 pm Tuesday to Saturday and 12.00-3.00 pm Sunday
T: 01299 404040     All information correct at the time of writing

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