Hereford, Herefordshire

Hereford has grown up around a loop of the River Wye and though relatively small in city terms, it has an upbeat vibe and quite a lot to see and do. It’s known for its independent shopping scene, its wide choice of restaurants, and the glorious cathedral where you can see the Mappa Mundi and Chained Library.

It’s always good to explore the places you visit when you’re on holiday in the UK; wander around Hereford and you’ll notice the city has its fair share of half-timbered Black and White buildings. One of them, appropriately called The Black and White House Museum allows you to step back into a Jacobean world and discover nearly four centuries of Hereford’s history. Also worth a browse is the Hereford Museum and Art Gallery and, for those interested in the county’s history of cider making, there’s a Museum of Cider. Something else Herefordshire is known for is its pure bred cattle, which is why there’s a life size statue of a Hereford Bull in the town centre.

Shopaholics will find plenty of big names stores in the Old Market, and a lively air in the indoor Buttermarket; along historic Church Street there are quirky independent shops and galleries. If you fancy a break from the city street or if shopping just isn’t your thing, go for a stroll around Castle Green or along the river.

If you’re planning on staying for lunch, it might be wise to book in advance because there’s a considerable choice of places to eat in Hereford. Popular spots are Ponte Vecchio for Italian fare, The Beefy Boys for gourmet burgers, and for afternoon tea, Castle House Hotel. For nights out there are several cocktail bars and clubs where you can dance your socks off until the taxi comes to take you home.

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