Garavan, East Portlemouth, Salcombe, Devon

The Garavan is the Gara Rock Hotel’s food van, parked up close to the cliff edge, on the South West Coast Path up above Gara Rock Beach. If you’re planning a walk along the Devon coast, save yourselves the bother of preparing a picnic and instead, factor in a pit stop here.

It’s a lovely little set up, is the Garavan, a nicely renovated Citroen van, retro style, and the staff are smiley and friendly; most of all, the views are breathtaking. Have a Cornish pasty, a pork and apple sausage roll, or if you’re not a meat eater, a vegan spiced Jackfruit pasty, followed by a homemade cake or an ice cream. If it’s not so warm, buy a coffee or a hot chocolate and have a nice hot mug to get your hands round. Replenish, then continue your walk or head down to the little beach.

The Garavan, when it’s open, serves food and drink from 10am till late afternoon. Just bear in mind that it’s very weather dependent.

T: 01548 845946    All information correct at the time of writing

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