Dore Abbey, Abbeydore, Hereford, Herefordshire

If visiting beautiful churches, abbeys and cathedral is something you like to do, you should go and see Dore Abbey when you’re on holiday in Herefordshire. The county is full of surprises and here, in this tranquil, unruffled corner beside the River Dore, stands another – possibly the last place you’d expect to find such a remarkable building because there’s nothing else here, other than a farm and a few houses.

The history of Dore Abbey stretches back to 1147 when it was established as a Cistercian monastery. In the 14th century pilgrims flocked here to see a relic of the Holy Cross and the tomb of Lady Matilda de Bohun, which was thought to have healing powers; in 1633 it was converted for use as a parish church.

When you step inside you immediately feel the tranquility, the peace, and the hugeness, it really does feel magnificent despite lacking the features that other abbeys have. What it does have is medieval tiles and fragments of medieval stained glass, intricately carved stone bosses rescued from the original roof, and incredible wall paintings. A unique and very special place.

Open daily 9.00am-dusk
T: 01873 860644     All information correct at the time of writing

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