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'Family Holiday in Somerset ' - Holiday Ideas

Family Holiday in Somerset

Come on down to Somerset for your next family holiday; book up one of our fabulous large group holiday properties with a swimming pool, games room, hot tub, or sauna, and then start planning, because there is so much to see and do in this beautiful county. Spectacular countryside of course, but also peaceful market towns to mooch about, wide sandy beaches to spend the day on, magnificent houses to visit, and heaps of other attractions for memorable family days out.

'2 Night Weekend Breaks' - Holiday Ideas

2 Night Weekend Breaks

It's not always easy trying to arrange a large group holiday; just the logistics of everyone getting time off work, the travel arrangements and so on can be a bit of a headache, but 2 night weekend breaks are much easier to sort out and it's something that's possible at most of our luxury large group holiday houses. And don't forget, with amazing facilities like indoor swimming pools, hot tubs, games rooms, saunas, BBQ lodges and play areas, there's something for everyone.

'Large Holiday Homes Sleeping 18' - Holiday Ideas

Large Holiday Homes Sleeping 18

Finding a large group holiday home for a group of 18 people isn't always easy; picking the right location, in the right part of the country, and making sure it's got plenty to keep everyone entertained are all important things to consider. That's where you can rely on Sleeps12; all of our holiday homes sleeping 18 people have something for all ages, plenty of space and top-notch sleeping quarters.

'Holiday Cottages in Devon with a Swimming Pool' - Holiday Ideas

Holiday Cottages in Devon with a Swimming Pool

Devon is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the UK, mostly because there are two coastlines of beautiful and varied beaches. There's a vast expanse in between those coasts, with some of the most gorgeous countryside you could dream of; rolling hills, lush green pastures, wild moors and wooded valleys. No wonder we're often asked if we have holiday cottages in Devon with a swimming pool; some folk want to make the most of these glorious surroundings.

'Large Holiday Homes in the UK with Indoor Swimming Pools' - Holiday Ideas

Large Holiday Homes in the UK with Indoor Swimming Pools

Let's face it, the weather in this country isn't exactly reliable, and that can be a bit of pain when it comes to holiday time, especially if there's a big group of you and you've got lots of people, all different ages, to keep happy. An easy solution is an indoor swimming pool and we're pleased to say we can help with that because we have several large holiday homes in the UK with indoor swimming pools.

'Big Holiday Cottages in Somerset with a Hot Tub ' - Holiday Ideas

Big Holiday Cottages in Somerset with a Hot Tub

Come to Somerset for your holidays in the UK; we have several big holiday cottages in Somerset with a hot tub to make your stay that extra bit more special. Just imagine relaxing and enjoying views across miles and miles of glorious countryside, sunshine and birdsong all around you. That's what we call a holiday!

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