Wellow Heritage Centre, Wellow, Newark, Nottinghamshire

Wellow Heritage Centre was created to raise the profile of this Nottinghamshire village; and why not – it has its claims to fame. The village isn’t even mentioned in the Domesday Book because it didn’t exist then; it was formed by peasants from the area who were bought out by the Cistercian monks who came to Rufford Abbey in the 12th century. They even fortified their new settlement with a ditch and bank boundary, now known as George Dyke, and though not compete, still clearly visible.

Wellow is unique in that it’s the only village in the country with a proper village green rather than grassed over market place, but what it’s most famous for is the maypole that stands there. There’s been a maypole at Wellow since 1856 and it’s still used for ribbon dancing every year – one of the lovely traditions that has its place in England’s green and pleasant land.

The Heritage Centre sets out the history of the village so if you want to know more, that’s the place to go. There’s a short video you can watch and a Heritage Trail which takes you round and about Wellow taking all the key features. A nice thing to do on a summers evening.

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