Tower of London, London

The Tower of London really should be on your ‘To Do’ list when you go sightseeing in London; it’s fascinating, it’s intriguing, and well, it’s just one of those places that you’ll be glad you visited. For a start there’s the history – over 1,000 years of it, and it’s the only place where you get to see the Crown Jewels, but apart from that, it’s fun. Have a tour with one of the Beefeaters and you’ll hear tales of the gruesome side of things, the imprisonment, the tortures, the executions; enough to send a shiver down your spine. Go to Tower Green where many a famous head rolled and to the Chapel Royal of St. Peter ad Vincula where some were laid to rest. You can also meet the ‘guardians of the Tower’ – the famous ravens who all have names and their own personalities.
Leave enough time for a bite to eat in one of the cafes and for a browse in the shops, where you’ll find a suitable souvenir to remind you of your visit. Check out the Tower of London website for details of events and Tower Twilight Tours.

Open: Tues-Sat 9.00 am-5.30 pm Sun & Mon 10.00 am-5.30 pm
T: 020 3166 6000     All information correct at the time of writing

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